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KAO=S Live at Brotfabrik

Concert in Frankfurt am MAIN on 25 JAN 2020

  • date_range 06.27 (Sat) 18:00 ⇨ 06.30 (Tue) 20:00
  • labelKAO=S
  • コンサートKAO=SバンドドイツワンマンフランクフルトFrankfurt am MainLIVE
KAO=S had their first solo concert at Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main on 25 Jan 2020. Please enjoy their original show.

<KAO=S Live at Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main on 25 Jan 2020> 
This movie includes all songs KAO=S played this night.

・Kaori Kawabuchi (Vocal/Sword Dance)
・Shuji Yamagiri (Acoustic Guitar/ Vocal)
・Shamirock Kamii (Tsugaru Shamisen) ※support player
・SAMMY (Percussions) ※support player

【Set List】

・OPENING 破邪剣舞 Haja Kenbu
・松明 Taimatsu
・地割れ Jiware
・舞夢 Maimu
・世界の朝 Sekai no Asa
・荒城の月 Kojoh no Tsuki 
・からくり迷楼 Kaeakuri Meirou (by Shamirock Kamii)
・No Quarter
・桜の鬼 Ogre of the Cherry Tree
・旅の唄 Tabi no Uta
・幻 Maboroshi
・黒田節 Kuroda-Bushi
・結う Yu
・桜香る Sakura Kaoru

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